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hi all ive recently purchased a 2005 206 gti hdi 1.6 110bhp.
it seems to have no power below 2000 rpm until the turbo kicks in and under load is gutless.
ive checked for fault codes with delphi and the ones which keep reoccuring are
p0238 turbo boost sensor
p0245 wastegate solenoid
p1586 mass air flow supply voltage low
p0562 systemvoltage low
p0341 cam position sensor range/performance
i have fitted a new wastegate solenoid and checked all vacuum pipes .replaced all the filters and checked data readings for airflow meter which is around 400mg/h on idle with egr blanked theres also battery voltage at the control unit ,i cant see that all these sensors have failed is theres something im missing ? cant seem to find a descent wiring diagram
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