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I was asked to look at a jammed front seat on this car. It belongs to my son's friend (his first car)
I don't have a manual and neither have I (yet) owned a peugeot so I have little experience of peugeots
The passenger seat back doesn't tip forward when the lever is operated. It looks like a cable problem, there is a short cable going under the seat from the lever, either the mech is jammed or the cable is stretched (it appears to still be connected as far as I can gain access.....
On the lowest part of the seat next to the door there is a grey plastic panel going from the bottom of the seat to the floor. How do you remove it? It looks like it's just clipped in but it won't budge and I can't access the back of the panel
Secondly under the passenger seat is a black plastic box which is secured by clips fore and aft and does not seem as though it's intended to be removed under normal circumstances. The drivers seat does not have one. What is it for?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you

Do I automatically receive an email if someone replies or do i need to set it up to do that? (I wasn't clear about the question in the options panel)
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