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1999 Peugeot 206 1.4
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So I've messed up my gauge cluster while troubleshooting the malfunctioning RPM gauge, as it was constantly at zero.

Turns out the cause of the problem was the mechanical stepper motor itself
(Also, keep in mind it's a 1999 206 with a 1.4 petrol it).

I bought a reacement gauge cluster not too long ago, but it turned out to be for a 1.4 HDI.

That didn't stop me from trying it.

First thing I've noticed that it had only one slot on the back while the one I've had (and broke) had 2. I hooked up the gauge cluster and sure enough, it didn't work. Since I didn't pay a lot for it I've decided to take it apart to see if I can use any of it's parts.

Long story short, nothing was interchangeable.

First thing what I want to know is was it the fact that it was made for a 1.4 HDI the cause of it not working or was it because it had only one slot on it?

Also, I did find several clusters that were apparently meant for the petrol variants, but they also had only one slot in the back, which makes me believe that those were for the newer models. Is there a way I can make those work or will I have to pay double for a cluster that's gonna have the same problem with stepper motors as the old one?

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The instrument clusters with ONE connector on the back only fits multiplexed 206's ( September 2001 onwards build ) plus they have anti clocking built in.

The instrument clusters with TWO connectors on the back fit the earlier NON multiplexed 206's.

The two different types are NOT interchangeable as the electrical systems are totally incompatible.

The drive unit failures for the rev counter / speedo are a known issue on the earlier type instrument clusters & repair kits where available cheaply on the aftermarket ( not seen them for a long while )
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