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Hello everybody!

I'm the proud owner of a 2006 tiptronic 206cc. The thing is that recently I fell that the gear change is kind of "bumpy". Specially when it changes from 2nd to 1st gear. So whenever I stop the car and the speed is going around 20 km/h I fell some kind of bump and I realized it is the gear box. If, for example I accelerate the car up to 60 km/h shift the car to Neutral and then apply brakes the car stops very smoothly. But, if I do the same with the car in the Drive position you can feel how the car changes gears. From 4th to 3dr is very smooth, then you can feel the change from 3rd to 2nd and lastly from 2nd to 1st is kind of hard. I don´t feel like the car is falling apart but, I do feel that this gear change is harder than it used to be. Any ideas?

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