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for months now there has been a metallic clunking coming from the rear of my 206 gti (1999 model) had a couple of people look at it and there is nothin loose from what i can see, but my steering is all over the place almost like it is hypersensitve! my tracking is fine as i have recently had it done!

somebody suggested to me that it is my bushes at the rear, if you look at my car from the rear my back wheels are sloping in and a couple of people have told me my back wheels are wobling all over the shop as if they are buckled! im not very clued up on my cars, so i dont have the first idea what bushes are or how to get it sorted. if someone could tell me approximately how much i can expect to pay to get it sorted i would aprreciate it a lot, also i was told that you can get a bush kit from halfords for around 80 quid! is this right? and would i be able to do this myself (or maybe a mate who knows a bit more than me), any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

P.s also i had this problem when my car was put in for an m.o.t and the garage passed it! is this dodgy?
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