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Hope someone can help out with this problem.... Just bought my mum a lovely 206 auto 1.4 with only 21k on the clock! Not bad for a 'v'reg. The problem is that when you try and accelerate in 2nd it seems to take forever to pick up. (its very slow to react, almost as if the torque convertor is stuck).Its absolutely fine between 1st and second (very smooth) and 3rd to fourth seems ok as well. The engine performance is fine as long as your not in 2nd. (It will kick down if you give enough welly but this is for my 60yr old mum!)
I thought it might be something to do with the 'self learning' gizmo that tries to adapt to your style of driving, so under the advice of the mot man pulled the live battery feed over night . This had little no or little effect and the problem remains.
Generally the car drives well, ticks over like a sewing machine and acts the part of a 21k mile car. Any advice would be appreciated.
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