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I own a 52 reg 1.4 look 206 and my seat belt on the 206 has a problem.

You cannot extend it much so i have had to use a clothes peg to stop it retracking all the way back in.

You can however play about with the height adjustment of the seatbelt and then try to feed out the seatbelt - over time doing this you can get the seatbelt out so it can fasten so i can drive it.

However if you didnt have the clothes peg on it would retract fully and take about 5 mins of play to get back out again.

Is this mendable? Or do I have to take it back to peugeot to be replaced pls?

A friend said it was simply a case of my opening the door area and getting a screwdriver on to the seatbelt to fix in the mechanisms.

Any advise would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

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