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Got myself a little 206 1.6 HDI. Just a little run around and to be honest something to work on.

First issue I want to sort

when i accelerate from 60 + in 4 or 5th gear it vibrates, the heavier i am on the pedal the more it vibrates, had the tracking done, brakes done. tyres at the right pressure

Any ideas?

When setting off from first sometimes there is like a groan when releasing the clutch. Not every time but I though it was the brakes as they needed changing but it still doing it?

Finally I changed the oil pump, fuel pump, air filters and oil. When changing the fuel pump it didnt start up until we manually pumped black ball but now since doing these things when in low revs the engine sort of chugs along like when youre about to stop but you havent put in the clutch ? could it be the fuel pump?

Many Thanks
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