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Our 55 plate Peugeot 206 has developed an oil leak. We've taking it into the local garage and they've diagnosed it as coming from the head gasket. From the research I've done I gather this is a common problem. On closer inspection it appears to be on the front left of the engine block (timing belt side).

There has been no indication of the engine temperature rising and garage have said that it will keep running OK as long as we keep it topped up with oil. I've checked the coolant and this is a cloudy rust orange colour (not translucent).

We'll probably look to replace the car, but just to get a few more thousand miles out of it while we're looking for a replacement does anyone know of any temporary fixes that might help to seal the leak. I've looked around and there seem to be several products on the market; Wynn's Engine Stop Leak, Steel Seal Head Gasket Fix, but I'm not sure which is suitable for sealing a head gasket leak as some indicate they are to be added to the coolant, others need to be added to the oil. I'm confused as to which is going to be best for targeting the oil leaking from the head gasket.

If anyone has any advice on dealing with a head gasket leak (that doesn't involve actually replacing it) I would be very grateful.
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