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hi all i am new to this forum and i am just looking for some advice. i have purchase this 1.1 lx v reg 206 for my first car all in all not a bad deal 42000 miles for £1000 from my mums friend but i have recently had a handful of problems that are begining to accumulate and irritate me for example the central locking bounces when trying to lock but has no problem unlocking. this means the boot is constantly open:mad:

but as of this morning when installing a new head unit had it all in place all good then it started beeping when i went to turn the car on after dinner the radio no longer worked, so i put the original radio back in neither did that, it isnt a problem with the fuse because i checked that and the cigarette lighter works.

it would be really helpful if you could diagnose and give solutions to my problems thanks i have had the car 6 months now and it has been a bit of a pain thanks

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