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Hi, I have a 1.1 205 which has trouble starting hot. Its has a Solex 32 pbisa 16 carburettor on it. It gets fairly good Mpg and goes well. The emisions aren't high either.

From cold it will start first time but it hates choke, it will start on 3/4 choke on a minus 4'C morning and when accelerating immediately after start up, the choke has to be pushed all the way in for it to accelerate smothly, but its main trouble is when its hot.

It seems to suffer from a kind of vapour lock which troubles starting when it has been sat for a minute of more. It gets worse the hotter the day is but still does it in the winter. It eventually starts but winds over for about 10 to 15 seconds before starting. I have tried pushing my foot to the floor when cranking and all sorts but nothing helps much. It runs faster when it starts for 5 to 10 seconds when it does fire up but it doesn't cough into life.

It has had new leads, plugs and has been regularly serviced for the last 17 years. It has only 25,000 on the clock because it has spent all of its life in the garage. Can anyone suggest anything to help the hot starting, it seems odd how it operates almost like it is running far too rich or ove fuelling?

Thanks for any help,
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