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Hi all I now own a 1991 205 1.1litre, it does need some work doing to it but the main thing I'm focused on is the performance of it ( yes I know it's only a 1.1 and not going to be quick ) but I want to have a little project spend a few quid and take it dragracing. I owned a 95 model last year (best car ever! :) sad to see it go haha ) and managed a 18.93 in the 1/4 mile @ 72mph .
I now want to try and beat that in some way but keeping to the 1.1 engine because well you got to start somewhere and I'm not rich .

I was thinking of lowering the gearbox ratios if possible? Maybe add a induction kit , changed/tune the carb etc

What are your views on this and any advice is appreciated - no "just stick a bigger engine init , or it's pointless to slow bla bla bla .

Sorry for dragging on
And thanks in advance

Harley .
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