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I'm new here although I have spent a lot of time in a technical capacity on MB sites.
Basically I would like to know how the security system is SUPPOSED to work on this model. Press remote, winkers flash 3 times and horn sounds once...or whatever...demonstrating that system is armed etc.
Currently CDL woks fine with key BUT remote fails to lock or gain feedback signals from vehicle.
Red light on dash near radio flashes suggesting system is armed but I don't believe this to be the case.
Since ignition immobiliser allows car to start some part of the system must be working OK.
I'm fully conversant with need to code key to DAS (or whatever it might be called on a Pug) BUT in simple steps how do you determine whether the remote is failing to send an appropriate RF signal or whether the vehicle mounted receiver is inop.
However since this system is also linked with the immobiliser how do you check whether a signal has been received even if it is not the correct signal / key code etc.
Any tips please to move forward on this without spending a fortune at my local Pug dealer.
In anticipation of all your assistance.
Don't worry about using tech language. It isn't a problem.
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