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I have a problem with a 1769cc 205 XUD (non turbo), which is losing power at higher revs. The car runs perfectly smoothly and economically at lower revs, but not so fun when going up steep hills or trying to overtake, when it stutters and judders, as if there were either fuel starvation or shortage of air. I'm getting a top speed on the motorway of about 75mph, where normally one can get 85+ out of it (for testing purposes only, of course, I don't routinely thrash it as it's 15 years old).

I've renewed the air and fuel filters and made sure the crud gauze filter thing in the tank is clear, but no joy. I changed the glow plugs too as starting was poor (don't think they can have been changed since the car was new)- this has cured that problem and starting is now immediate. The old plugs were a bit sooty, so I assumed that the injectors might be grubby, and ran some STP diesel injector cleaner through- one load in the tank, the other added directly to the fuel filter. Again, no luck. Is the only possible cause the injectors? In this case I'm guessing I'll need to get them tested/ cleaned and potentially replace a dodgy one.

Or is there another possible reason?

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