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Guys, this is my first post and I have tried to find info regarding a workshop manual for my wifes 2012 2.0 HDI van. Apologies if this is covered in other posts (I have not found them).

Can anyone recommend a good manual which I can buy - I see Haynes don't do any. There appear to be a few kind of online versions whereby you pay ~ £20 - 25 for a dongle or CD's and somehow access data online - not sure how reliable this is.

If anyone could advise me, that would be great.

I have also encountered the dreaded oil dipstick tip snapping off which I presume is in the sump. Some threads seem to indicate it will cause no harm .....? I had considered doing an oil change and using an endoscope through the sump plug to try to find it - difficult to do. Is it worthwhile?

Thanks in anticipation of any help you can offer.
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