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I've been looking around the internet to try and establish whether there is a fix for this know problem that so many people seem to be having. (Peugeot/Citroen)

No issue at all with front tyre wear, easy 30k plus (Michelin's), but the rear just wear out on both outer edges within 15k. Mixture of light/medium loads.
Even tried some cheap Chinese non directional tyres which started to show wear at 10k but managed to get another 10k out of them by turning the tyre on the rim.
As the van is mostly used on the motorway I would prefer to have decent tyres fitted but am a bit reluctant if it cannot be solved.

I read some people mention the sub frame alignment is the problem.
Others say rear brake discs which incorporate the bearing is the fault.

I would like to get this resolved.I did take it back to Peugeot a while ago to be inspected and they told me that it was within their tolerance ( probably never bothered even looking at it ). Never trusted my local dealership.

Has anybody managed to get their's rectified?
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