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I have just picked up a new Expert with RT6 navigation/head unit etc. I fitted an after market stereo to my last Expert and took it out before selling, so I have quality amp, sub and speakers to go into my new machine. I realise that I am stuck with the RT6 system HU, but want to fit my amp, sub and speakers. The existing system has tweeters at the front (near the windscreen) and mid range speakers in the doors. I have the gadget that converts the power output from power down to signal, so I have all the kit...BUT:

1. How do I get to the small speakers at the front near the windscreen? (I have replaced the ones in the door easy enough)
2. Is there a crossover fitted and if so where is it located or are the standard speakers wired in parrallel?

I am just after some guidance, which would be handy before I rip the dash out only to find there is an easier way. Many thanks.
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