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Hi all

Had my 2012 Boxer 2.2 110HP (L3H2) for a little while now - starting a camper conversion as a project with retired father.

It started complaining about glow plugs on Sunday. I already had it booked in for a full service anyway, so got them to change the glow plugs at the same time. Not optimistic, but whatever. For reference, I last did a long-ish drive (200 mile round trip) middle of last week.

Anyway, code readout came out as follows:

P0382 - Pre Post Heat Box
P15BD - Particle Emmision Filter Plug Relay
P15B9 - Fuel Pump from the particle filter

Why had it been complaining about glow plugs? Well, the mechanic was a decent guy and was good enough not to stretch himself towards things he didn't understand.

However, my understanding (from a lot of reading) is that while traditionally the glow plugs are only used for cold starts, on more modern engines they're also used as part of the PAF/FAP regeneration process.

While testing things, the mechanic couldn't detect any power coming from the wiring harness for the glow plugs.

Best guess right now it, possibly, that very really the control box or relay for the glow plugs is dead/wonky and causing all the issues. No actual particle filter warning lights yet, so I'm hoping it's not affecting anything.

So, I've had problems with diesel engines and PAF filters and turbos (no turbo problems this time around thankfully.. I hope!) in the past and my experience was that its damned hard to find an honest and experienced mechanic who's able to understand and really diagnose the problem - and I include dealers and authorised agents in that bunch as well. I'm sure there are good ones out there, but I can't find them!

So if anyone has any ideas on this I'd appreciate it - either in understanding or recommending a mechanic or garage (I'm in the Birmingham area and can travel only a very little as it's in limp home mode).

If it's worth getting second hand/new replacement glow plug controllers/relays I can probably fit those myself by the looks of where they're located and I've got a code reader good enough to reset the engine light (I tried, and of course it just comes back after a few seconds).
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