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Hi there! I'm from sunny Singapore with a 2012 308CC 6AT.

I recently bought this used vehicle and enjoy driving top down.

I purchased a "SmartTop" roof controller so that I can remotely open the roof using my key. This was purchased from a USA vendor called mod4cars.

I fitted it myself and found it useful until it prompted gearbox error. It was concluded by myself that the additional wiring and controller somehow confused the canbus system. Everytime I disable the SmartTop, the gearbox error went away. I returned the SmartTop to the vendor who sent me a new one to try out.

Prior to fitting the new SmartTop, I double checked that the car's original roof mechanism was working fine. It did.

That I proceeded to fit the new SmartTop. It did not work. Roof Mechanism faulty error was prompted.

I removed the new SmartTop and put the original roof controller back. It also did not work. Roof Mechanism faulty error was prompted. Also the power windows are not operational too.

I am in quite upset now. I am unsure what could be wrong. Did something short-circuited? Did the original wiring harness or the car's roof controller burn?

If it is a case of the new SmartTop case the original roof controller to go to sleep and not be detected, how can I get it to wake up again?

Really appreciate some insights and hope I am not the first one to experience this.

If the worst case is the roof controller is burnt, how much will it cost to replace?

Thank you all!
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