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Thanks to terry57 for finding the spec of my car, I now know for sure I don't have JBL Audio, and I want to improve the woeful sound.

I've seen a custom kit for these cars made by Focal, who I know make very good loudspeakers as I have a set of their floorstanding speakers in my living room.
Unless someone knows of a better solution, I'm tempted to install one of these using a FAKRA to ISO adapter,, and then replace the front door speakers and dash mounted tweeters with these.
I think I would just do away with the coaxials in the rear as they sound extremely poor.

It's either that or I get a 4 channel amplifier that can accept high level inputs, and then replace all the existing speakers, and use under the seat as it is just a powered sub, rather than sub with 2 channel amp

Any comments and suggestions welcome
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