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Hi pugsters,
I'm a newbie here, I've lurked for a while looking for info on my 308 at various times, and it's been great, thanks. The radio not deleting old phones was my last problem.
Now though I have a much wetter and smellier issue.
Before lock down 1 I noticed my boot was leaking somewhere. Not much, but the windows fogged up a lot and the boot carpet was a bit damp. During lock down, my miles dropped to zero and the car has been sat pretty much unused since March. Today I went to get something out of it, and the leak has obviously not healed up, so there's still a moistness to the boot, and now due to lack of air flow and use the mould has started to grow on the seat belts, like in old escorts at the scrap yard. Anyway, that's not really a problem, I'm sure I can get it cleaned.
The leak is not really the issue either, as I can track it down and seal it.
The problem is that I have no idea how to get all the boot trim out of the way to start looking. I know the leak is on the offside and somewhere above the light cluster as I have seen water running down the panel.
Does anyone have or know of a handy guide to getting the trim out without smashing it up?
Any help would be greatfully received!
Ken tentacles
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