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Ive bought a 308 cc just over a week ago it has done 67,000. It was running fine until 3 days ago when all of a sudden the anti pollution fault came on and so did the engine management light.
My dads friend (ex peugeot merchanic) has looked at it today, and plug the snap on fault reader in and its only showing a fault with the horn (horn doesnt work at all). He said the engines are awful and it could mean anything?
He cleared all the codes, changed the plugs, drove it round for a while and everything was fine, light and fault stayed off. He checked the timing belt as he said that can cause this problem but it was as it should be.
I tooke the car out tonight only for a 5 min drive and the fault and envine managment light are back!!
Can anyone suggest anything for me to try? Im gutted and really dont have much money to be spending on it. Thought id try on here as know you guys and girls will know your stuff.
Any advice would be greatly appresiated!!
Thanks Kirsty

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He said the engines are awful and it could mean anything?
No, he's a bad workman who's blaming the car for his shoddy skills and tools.

If he was a Peugeot mechanic he'd know that Peugeots (and Citroens) only really respond to Lexia hardware and Peugeot Planet or Diagbox diagnostic software.

And an even worse mechanic is one that throws parts at a problem he has no idea about.

"Antipollution fault" on screen is a very generic warning and can mean literally a dozen things.

Please read the FAQ about diagnostics:

But if you bought it a week ago, you should return it to the seller. A non working horn is an MOT failure so if it was faulty when you bought it the seller could be in trouble for selling an unroadworthy car.
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