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Hi all,
After a bit of help/prior knowledge before I ring the garage tomorrow.

I've had the above vehicle for a few weeks. We've replaced the alitinator and timing belt two weeks ago. We were aware of a wet patch/leak in the passenger footwell 5 weeks ago, but it hadn't re occurred and thought nothing more of it.

Friday the wet patch was back, rusty coloured and felt like it was greasy like detergent or something was mixed in it. It was not coming from under the dash directly. It promtly overheated and there was no water/coolant in the reservoir. We put water in it and went home.

We suspected the heater matrix but my usual garage hasn't done one before, and being a big fiddly job has referred us to another mechanic.

Prior to this I have notice white exhaust fumes (on start up) on one occasion only.

So my question is, is this heater matrix, possible head gasket failure or something like the water pump?

I'd rather use my mechanic if its not the matrix and its the head gasket.

It's done just under 83k, full service history and serviced yearly on the dot and is a 1.4 petrol.

I would be very grateful of any input or suggestions as to what it may be.

Thank you
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