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Hi folks,

I'm hoping to pick brains or kindly benefit from some experience here.

I have a petrol 1.6 308 which recently developed a misfire - this looks to have been down to a burnt tip on #3's spark plug. It was running on 3 briefly beforehand, and I have noticed that the valve cover gasket appears to have failed around that plug, no doubt contributing to the failure, possibly through arcing.

Anyway, a new set of plugs later and she no longer starts. The pencil coils (OE bosch) are a bit annoying in that they don't seem to "grip" like designs of old, but I've tried to test for a spark and isn't not been as easy as older engines, what with all the plastic on the go (rather than using the metal of the cover to get a ground), but I think it looks to be fine on that front. The plugs are getting wet, so definitely fuel getting in.

The 'live' pins on the coils are all consistent, settling around 0.9ohms according to my multimeter, and with at least the one that will reach a decent earth, my coil tester light seems to suggest the coils work too.

The engine turns over fine, with no fault codes registering. I don't have PP, but a universal scanner that is "compatible" with Peugeot has nonsense values (saying the battery voltage is 17v in some menus, and 8v in others, plus cranking engine speed values in the tens of thousands), so haven't ruled out the requirement to buy a PP2000 yet.

I'm going to test the compression later, but was hoping for some pointers in the meantime, if possible? I've read reference to chains potentially stretching, but in the scenario of it not having done much but having the plugs changed, I can't see how that would have occurred. Is there any reliable way of determining this, without stripping everything down? As per the previous, no codes are set in any module (which I'd have expected if the cam & crank signals were in conflict with an out-of-time engine?).

I was hoping to take out the fuel pump fuse to see if it was just a bit "flooded", but it appears that only one fuse controls all the ECU ancilliaries, such as fuel pump and ignition?

Thanks in advance - I'm starting to feel misty eyed about the simplicity of the TU series :(
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