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I am fitting a tow bar to my 307 sw (2008 reg). I have a relay box that requires a constant feed from the battery. I have removed the rear passengers side internal panel and found two plugs one has a single thicker cable that looks like it could be fore the constant feed?. (sorry when I say constant I mean switched when key on) Then there is another multi plug with about 7 cables in it. this looks very much like it could be designed for the connection of a relay box when towing. I have managed to confirm one off the connections comes on with the brake lights and goes off when they do but the others are not making a lot of sense. there seems to be 12v on a couple of them and nothing or next to nothing on the other pins. I am wondering if the lower voltages are a data bus I am looking at?
Can anyone tell me if this plug is for the light connections when fitting a tow bar and if so do I need to fit a fuse some where to get the constant 12v and the rest to work correctly.

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