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Hello All, i am new to this and hoping someone may have some answers for my issue.

i have a Pug 207 1.4 HDi 2008, I've had it for about five years now. for a while the clutch had been slipping under load. However a while ago i discovered a leak under the car. i had it looked at by several local mechanics and all mentioned the same thing, 'Crankshaft Oil seal Ring' (gearbox side).

finally i decided to get it fixed and had a brand new Valeo clutch put in and at the same time had the oil seal replaced hoping this would cure the slipping clutch and lack of power. however once the work was complete i was experiencing the same problem just slightly less frequently.

i had the car scanned using two diagnostic machines (Snap On and Auto Comm), and both came up with the same fault code. (Clutch Signal/Control Switch Faulty (intermittent)). i have also replaced this and had the car re-scanned clearing the fault codes but still experiencing the same.

a lack of power when the car is in higher gears under load with the throttle to the floor, after around 2000/2500 rpm the revs just shoot up with very little actual speed climb. (if im gentle with the throttle and try to control the revs it happens less).

im so confuseddddddd and getting really irritated now lol.

would appreciate if someone could advise on this.
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