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bought expert with 200000 on it.
drove like a dream for 3 months.
the stoped on hill
anti pollution.
towed to garage .
told egr. so it was replaced.
them van start but no boost.
so then told need turbo.
New turbo.
still doesn't work.
run but no boost.
no codes on ecu.
therefore engine sump taken off.
found cracked piston.
full bottom end and top end rebuild.
put all back together van ran 3 weeks.
same again
anti pollution.
told ecu faulty so ecu sent away repaired.
still same
running but no boost.
and no codes.
garage said hdi engine over 200000 even rebuilt are poor.
so complete engine change for 1.6 hdi engine rear end 308 donar engine.
75000 on it.
installed still same.
sent to peugeot by garage as couldnt fix.
peugeot had it 3 weeks and said they think its the ecu.
so ecu was sent away to another company to test and they returned it saying its perfect.
then had ecu specialist come to home.
he provided another ecu and programmed to van.
and still the same .
no fault codes and
van does run but won't go above 3000 rpm.
as if turbo isn't running.
nearly every sensor been changed.
all turbo vac hoses.
then another recon turbo.
still the same.
so basically I have cracking expert van .
with completly rebuilt with new parts which cant go over 3000 rpm.
also several auto sparks have looked over and said wire loom is fine no faults.
had full exhaust changed plus cat.
no dpf on this model.
but still no change...
unfixable pile of bolts...sorry been a long post ..
any suggestions would be great as I spent so much on it I refuse to let it win..
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