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Hi guys, I have a question for the more mechanical minded of you. My 308 has developed a loud engine rattle, basically sounds like I've just dropped a bucket of stones in it... The sound almost goes away when the engine is on idle but as soon as I rev it, the symphony starts...

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this before? Might give me a bit of a head start?

There is no smoke on the exhaust, starts as it should and no lights on the dash... Coolant and oil level fine and the right colour

So far I'm thinking:

Check the blades on the turbo and make sure the bearing haven't desintegrated...

Rocker cover off and check the tappets

Front plate off and check the timing

Plugs off, inspect the bores for any stones or similar

Sump off and check the bottom end...(unlikely as the rattle is top end)

But as I said any advice would be good, ive been playing with sr20 engines all my life and it's the first time on one of these...

thank you in advance :thumb:
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