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I am in the process of replacing the bulbs behind the climate controls, and to do that I need to remove the entire unit. However, when doing this, I need to unhook the physical cables that are used to alter the direction of air and its temperature. The pictures below show these cables. How do I safely remove these so that I can pull out the unit?

imgur /a/NoHEO

The second picture clearly shows the cables I am talking about - the blue, green and yellow cables.



EDIT: Solved!

It turns out that you dont need to take the entire unit out to replace the bulbs. I did have to pull out the radio on top and the button-panel below in order to acesss the unit. To replace the bulbs, you have to push the unit into the hole in the back to get space on all sides of the unit. Once you've done that, you can unclip the front panel from the clips on the sides, top and bottom - 6 clips in total. When you do that, the entire front comes off with the turning knobs. When you do this, the three buttons on top of the unit will likely fall out, as they're loose. There's a big plastic arm stretching the entire unit as well. All of this is likely going to come loose when you open the unit. There's a small spring under the plastic arm that is easy to lose as well. When you remove all these pieces - the buttons, arm and spring - you will be able to finally pull out the bulbs directly and replace them; All without unhooking the wires from the back. The trickiest part is getting the pieces back in place in reverse order. What worked for me was to keep everything in an upright position, and then hold all the pieces in place with a thin plastic card that I could easily remove once I'd positioned the front properly, while pushing the unit together.
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