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Hi all. I bought a 308 vti with 43000 on the clock back in December. I bought it on the strength of the 2007 308 HDI that my fianceé has had for 2 years or more, and despite her having no issues other than the usual brakes and oil filter, glow plugs etc I have had constant issues with the front end of mine.
I've done the oil and filter, just changed the discs and pads at the front end and did the top mounts as there was rattle coming from the front end. Investigated and have also replaced the track rod ends plus anti roll bar linkages and the knock is still there.
I'm looking for ball joints and wishbone next, is there anything else to look at while I'm rebuilding it? I guess anti roll bar bushes?
My main question (finally lol) does anyone have an exploded diagram or GA or the front suspension set up? I can't find one online anywhere for my model/year and I don't just want to start pulling it apart without having the bits around me. It's my daily drive and I'm getting a little bored of working on it already!
Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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