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Hi all, i have a 2006 2.0HDI Partner thats seriously down on power. I recently scanned it using Delphi software and it brought up 2 fault codes.

The first was P1352, Preheating relay circuit. Relay not controlled and glow plugs supplied. Permanent.
After a bit of investigation it turned out that all 4 glow plugs had packed in. Replaced them with 4 new Bosch ones and tried clearing the fault code and that has cured it. The engine management light is staying off now too.

The second fault code i have is P0401, EGR circuit. Air flow measured lower than the reference value. Permanent.
I have taken off the EGR valve but all was fine with it, was very clean and opening and closing as it should with suction applied. Any ideas what i should check next? I was going to try test the MAF sensor to see if its functioning ok. The engine is so slow to rev up, takes about 10 seconds to hit full revs after i floor the throttle.

Any help or advice in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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