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Hi everybody

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Am in need of your great help again please, have sent the ecu off to be checked as local garage suspected this was the fault behind it occasionally not starting etc.
ECU arrived back and had encountered some water intake hence some damage occured. It had been repaired, however the engine management light was present once ECU was back, something not present before.

It would start yet again sometimes and other times would either refuse to start or I would get few yards up the street and it would cut out and refuse to start.
Garage scanned it and it came up with a immobiliser / anti start fault.

I spoke to the ECU place whom told me to return it and they would check it free of charge and decode / remove immobilsor from it.
They advised (pictured) for me to disconnect wires B3 & D1 on Plug A to stop the immobilisor from re-coding. However I could only locate a pink wire at point B3 (pictured) which I have cut, there was nothing present at D1 location (pictured).

The vehicle starts fine at the minute but engine management light still comes back on after engine has started.

Around 6 months ago when this fault first occured but before ECU was sent of to be checked / repaired, a local auto electrician done a bit of modification to the wiring which I think was to kick start the fuel pump, I have shown pictures of this, orange wire soldered to yellow wire on Plug A which goes to the little black box, this then has a white wire coming from the loom to the black box and one ground grey wire that connects to the ecu connecting support screw.

My thinking is that now the ECU has been repaired, maybe the wiring should be returned back to normal as this is what could be causing the engine management light to be present.
However, I am not sure exactly how I would go about this and dont want to risk anything until anyone here can advise further on the white wires requirement and / or if this needs re-connecting somewhere.

Lastly have I disconnected the correct wire (pink) at point B3?
Thank you for all your help everybody, would really like to see the back of this constant problem thats haunted me for over 12 months.


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