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Got an e7 taxi just bought it, when driving home lost power on hills, on inspection found the small pipe from what I think is the inter cooler to what I think is a map sensor had split, changed the pipe and it was much better but was a little sluggish on hill and a little hesitant for the turbo to kick in if I floored it, all though when the turbo did kick in it goes ok. Read loads of different posts after a google search and someone suggested that the brake switch might be faulty. Checked and found 2 switches on the brake pedal, 1 that works the lights ( this was fine ) and another that was just hanging down. So fitted it back to the pedal it seems a bit nippier now but the turbo/lack of power problem still there, also the revs aren't dying back when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal, there's a slight delay , not a massive delay but noticeable.

So now I have:

• idle not idling immediately (slight delay)
•lack of power on hills, especially if I push the accelerator down to the floor (seems a bit better if I am gentle with the pedal and tickle it, but still not right)

Any ideas greatly appreciated
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