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Hey all,

Thanks so much in advance for your help. Just joined to gather your suggestions for this issue. I'm a self confessed car noob!

Problem - Drivers side (left side, in Sweden) footwell is sodden in water.

History - Noticed water sloshing sounds in the car around September 2014. This issue subsided over a couple mths. I cannot discount I had water in the footwell then, I just don't know - the rubber mat keeps it fairly well hidden.

Went to clean the car yesterday, removing the rubber mat in the footwell and found the floor wet. Carpet leading up to the door, the centre console and the pedals all dry - just the carpeted floor and the insulation underneath is wet).

Had a look under the car and found, positioned directly under the left side drivers seat were the carpet is wet, an unspecified drainage point/plug, which is pictured below. The other 3 of these are dry.

Heater is working OK, coolant is not being lost excessively - car does not fog up when heater in operation (all the time now in winter), hence trying to discount Heater Matrix issues.

My question - what exactly is the plug in the above screenshot. Can I remove it (push it in) and try to drain any water away? It's obviously collecting somewhere above the pictured plug, and my carpet - since the rest of the car (both inside and out) seems to be bone dry.

Here is a picture of the grill on the 'wet' hand side of the car which I have read leads to things getting clogged beneath the windshield. It looks completely clear:

A closer shot, inside the grill, showing things look all clear -

Many thanks for any info on that drain/plug, and any tips!

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Is the rear passenger seat behind drivers side floor wet as well at all?

Possible door aperture rubber seals fault. Clean dry and wax all paint work in and round these areas.

Have an assistant do the hose test and look for leaks. Or find an automatic car wash and set to the longest programme to give you time to look round.

Has this vehicle got a sunroof? Check all drain and channel ways for obstructions if fitted.

Also check window weather strips inner and outer for signs of perishing or leaks as this could be getting in between these and the inner door card thus filtering through the drain holes in the bottom of the door/s.

Looking at the first picture with the bung I see two holes on the floor pan without any should they have some?

Is the bung with the dampness on, damaged or not properly sealed up letting surface water and spray being pushed through under heavy wet driving conditions?

Another thought possible rear washer jet rubber pipe work broken or split near that area leaking in the floor pan. Check operation of rear window washer system.

With regard to your other drain bung if it seems undisturbed and this area is clear you could hose some water and see if this leaks or drains properly just to be sure.

Wash and clean thoroughly the whole vehicle including all drain gutters and known drain holes/points and thoroughly wax and buff every piece of paintwork you see including door, bonnet and tailgate shuts, which will aid water repel.

Hope this helps you somewhat. Simple stuff first. Kind regards Adam. :thumb:
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