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There are few issues with my Peugeot 307 2.0 petrol (2006):
1) rough idle
2) sometimes loss of power & brakes
3) gearbox issues! Goes bit roughly to 2nd gear, sometimes getting a loug clunk and error light goes on. Fine after starting the car again.

Got following error codes when connecting to Diagbox:
U0404 Dialogue with the automatic gearbox ECU
P0203 Injector No 3 control
P0011 Variable timing electrovalve

P1167 Pressure regulation fault (difference / reference value)
P1706 Press control signal fault.

Gearbox wise I've been thinking about oil flush (twice) to see if it makes any change. If not then have a look at solenoids. Does it make sense?

Any advice with these error codes?
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