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Hi Guys

We have recently purchased a 1.6L 16V Sport Petrol 307. Doing some basic servicing and was struggling with the air filter replacement. What I have under the bonnet does not seem to be in the Haynes manual. I can see the air filter housing, and 4 x screws on the lid but am unable to separate the air box. My air box is long and quite thin running from the front to back of the car. It looks like the air flow sensor is right under the bulk head on one end of the air box and the other end has a noise dampening box attached to it at the front of the car.

Do I just slacken the 4 x screws on the air box lid, remove noise damper box and slaken the jubilee clip on the air flow sensor to split the air box?

Are there any hidden screws at the rear I may be missing?

The front of the air box starts to open up and I can just see the filter. I don't want to force or break anything.

Thanks for your time.
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