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I have a 2005 LHD 2.0 litre HDi Peugeot 407. Cruise control has been working perfectly - until recently it suddenly stopped, and activating it with engine running gives "Speed Control System Faulty"

It's not an intermittent fault - it has stopped working and has not worked since. It is only cruise control; Speed Limiter does not throw that error.

I perused the forum before posting and have removed, cleaned, taken apart, inspected and tested the brake switch - Brake switch appears to test OK, one leaf opens when the switch is depressed, the other is closed and when the switch is released, the open leaf closes, the closed leaf opens. It works as it should.

The fault would suggest a sudden electrical discconnect - such as a blown fuse ..... however, I am not certain if the speed control system runs through its own fuse ......

So I have ruled out the brake light switch, it's not an intermittent fault and it was working until quite recently (Until another driver gave the front left hand bumper a bit of a thump by driving at low speed into a tree stump they didn't see ......... :notsure: )

Sooooo has anyone got any idea at all? anything they could point me at ........?
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