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Hello everyone,

I own a 2005 Peugeot 407 2.0 HDI, which I only use for brief vacation periods when I return to the UK. The car is a base model 4-door saloon and has 152,000 miles and is generally excellent. However, at some point in its past it has been fitted with a replacement wiper control switch/stalk from a higher end model that had a rain sensor (because the control has an "auto" position). Not only that, but the sleeve that controls the intermittent setting is stuck, so that I only have one intermittent wipe setting. Other than that, the wipers/washers do work correctly.

I would like to fix this by seeking out the correct (used) replacement part. In addition to making sure that the replacement does not have an "auto" setting, is there anything else I need to be aware of ? FWIW I do have the Peugeot software and have used it successfully to perform other upgrades (e.g. 4 dial to 5 dial instrument panel display).

Many thanks in advance for any hints!
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