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I have a 2005 Peugeot 307, 2.0 petrol that has several small and less small issues. What is most critical is that it seems to consume a lot more gas than it should (14.5L / 100km). Should add this is almost all city driving, using the airco constantly and be condemned to use a low quality petrol (I live in Dominican Republic, this is all we got). Still I think 14.5l/100 seems a lot to me.

Besides it's kind of slow in the acceleration, like if the accelerator is heavy or sluggish.

Some other issues (that might even be related) are :automatic transmission problems, sometimes abruptly changed to another gear (with a bang), sometimes when braking I feel like if the gear is coming back to 1 with a delay. Supposedly had the solenoids changed, felt better for a while, but didn't last long.

Also an airco issue. Had the evaporator changed and since then it makes a lot of noise when starting the airco or switching it off (like flushing).

I like this car a lot, but the issues are starting to get on my nerves. I'll bring it to the Peugeot dealer in the country, but they are not that capable to pinpoint the problem(s). Perhaps someone here has a clue so I can steer them in the correct direction.

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