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I have a 2004 partner that just died going down the road. I have checked the fuel pump, and nothing. I have been looking for the relay, but can't find it. I checked the 15 amp fuse under the hood, and it is ok. Where can I find the relay?

I removed the fuel tank, and pulled out the fuel pump. Took a 12v power supply to the pump, and it worked. Tested the wires to the pump under the car with a voltmeter, and it failed. I checked all the fuses in the engine compartment, and all passed. I checked the fuses under the dash, and they passes. I still can not find any relays to the pump. Any idea where they are located?

Another Update...
I have been told the relay is in something called the Multi-function module. Is that the box under the dash that looks like a fuse box?

Last Update...
I found out what the problem was. All that time looking for the stupid relay I had no idea it was built into the fuse box. Apparently it is called a BSI "built in system interface" with the relays built in for multiple functions. I found all this out through a site called I had to pay a little, but better than paying a ton more at the garage. I get this long list of instructions that basically tell me to rub my belly, pat my head, hop on one foot, and whistle. If that doesn't work then things get pricey by having to either replace, or rebuild the module. I talked to the local dealership about it, and they quoted me a price higher than I paid for the damn car. I could get a used one from the salvage yard, but I have to take the ECU also because of some coding issue. Oh goodie..... this is the first, and last Peugeot I will ever own. The real kicker is I just bought this heap two weeks ago for a work car because we didn't want the new Prius we have to get messed up on a construction site. Took it in for the EU control, and was on my way to work from the garage when it died half way. I am wondering if the garage screwed with something to cause this, but I have no way of knowing. Guess I got what I paid for.
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