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New member. I've done keyword searches on these topics and found nothing, so I hope I am not repeating questions that others have asked, or asking things that belong in separate categories.

In the past few days I have become the owner of a one-owner 2004 307 SW 2.0, purchased with 30K km on the odo. Here in Japan, Pugs depreciate quickly and are a real steal when they're in good shape. Domestic cars available at the same price are 5~6 years older, are 660~1500cc, and mileage of 70K~160K.

There are a couple of things I need / want to do immediately and am looking for advice:

1. The dreaded panorama roof blind issue -- Mine is mostly not there. Power works but I am seeing binding in the slides and all I have of the shade is a square of pressboard that appears to have been the inner of the original blind. It comes out cleanly one time, then binds the next. It is fixable, but ...

- I am NOT seeing any discussions on where to obtain replacement cloth, internet supplier listing, or reliable non-dealer suppliers of same. Has anyone been able to source the blind cloth from a reliable supplier at reasonable cost? I have not yet contacted the parts counter at the local dealer in Mito, so don't know what all the options are, yet.

- I have researched for a couple of days and see several reliable sellers of the slide kits. Several of them deliver to Japan at reasonable rates so I'll be ordering in a day, or two.

2. Audio / navigation / nice cabin noise -- the car came with a "Peugeot" branded MDLP / AM /FM type of player / amplifier whose functions are about 95% useless to my needs and / or rquire equipment that isn't sold here any more.

- I have been offered an Eclipse AVN-Z021i; a Navigation / CD / DVD / SD / USB / Bluetooth unit which was a Peugeot Japan dealer option for 2011. This unit was taken out of a different 307 SW during an upgrade by that car's owner and has been tested and comes with all cables.

- Does anyone have any experience with these units and can tell me whether one can be installed in an older model?

3. Maybe a dumb question, but the two netted in side storage units at the back of the car each have two black wires which end in stereo plugs. I can't find any explanation of their purpose so am asking here.

Mito, Japan
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