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Hi all,
307 owner for three years always under restoration but wouldn't swap it yet
2004 1.4 HDI

I bought mine three years ago from a one owner guy whom serviced it well and had loads of invoices and a mileage of 109,000 he had the oil and filter changed every year 7000 miles ( Kwik fit ? ) and yearly mot and service so I am wondering why my tappets are really rattle till warm and sound really rough at high revs.
He sold it as it was a bad starter and I found out it was the plastic fuel pipe worn through on the engine so hoping I got a bargain
I have been throwing money at it ever since
Broken front springs, wheel bearings, drive shafts rear brakes / discs hubs ( Bosch arrgh) front brakes discs calipers etc new clutch last year
Basically two rear tyres and corroded exhaust and the battery are still original since I bought it and covered 19,000 miles

Done a engine flush or two with the proper oil and yes its been fine but as the cold weather is here its blowing out blue smoke on cold start up then clears
Now the engine runs really lumpy on tick over shakes to 1800 rpm till warm
or initial start as I just drive it
Did the injector seals two years ago and there was a lot of carbon sludge so I took the decision to blank off the EGR too but never did anything else like a EGR delete on ecu so I am wondering if my blank is causing these faults

I have bought that clone PP2000 off ebay and really want to know if I have a duff set of injectors and fault codes

I have an engine oil temp sensor fault in the dashboard ?
is that the oil level sensor too ?

I am a clone diagnostics virgin and dabble in DIY mechanics and the injection live data means nothing to me
I see that the engine speed is erratic when on idle saying its 1000-5000rpm
I see that this

Fuel pressure 369 bar
N0 1 injector corrector 2.23 mg impulse
No2 " -0.03 mg "
No3 " -0.22 mg "
No4 " -1.91 mg "

diesel delivered to pump 2207.84 mm3/sec

Permanent ecu fault air flow inlet higher than recommended

I spotted an oil leak on the drive and when investigated I found that the rocker box breather hose had expanded and was loose on the pipe ends and leaking oil vapour down rocker and gearbox so I don't know if this that fault fault

insulating tape and jubilee clip as a temp measure till replacement arrives

Way up the pros and cons of repair of spare parts or just drop in a donor engine

Tappet lifters 50 quid timing belt kit and water pump £££
Gasket kit
second hand injectors tested from a recon specialist ££££
time labour

Its going to have to go to a garage as I don't have engine removal lifts

Can an engine be parted inside and lifted up clear from the gearbox
if the engine mounting and alternator and ac pump removed ?

Nothing on youtube to help
Just wondering how much its going to cost on garage rates if interested ?

had the car valued in part ex last year and quoted £350 quid mate
after spending £440 on a clutch and mot decided to run it a bit longer
oh and those rear arm bushes are perished but have them in stock
not been the best summer to lay under a car any weekend this year

Looks very clean underneath and no rot that I can see
how much money do you spend to keep an old reliable friend roadworthy
The death rattle to be fair has been there for years just when the cd stuck again and I had no tunes its not sounding nice third radio fitted since ownership and PP to code it in and its never going to get any better

EGR blank ... should I remove it and rescan the live data to see if the ecu is modifying the fuel to compensate ??

So many questions on my first post
Thanks for looking

Any specialists in County Durham ?

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EGR blank might be the reason ?

Just been to a one man band garage whom has never seen a hydraulic tappet failure noise on a Peugeot , but maybe he don't see many ?
he did say most likely to be an injector
but after I mentioned about the EGR blank he said I should take it off and it only happens when the weather turns cold

I just blanked it off never thought of ecu or delete I hoped the PP would be able to do that but when I asked before I bought it the trader said NOPE !

So when the rain stops, hopefully tomorrow I will have a look at removing the blank... but then does this create another problem ?
Two years of running blanked off without a EGR delete in ECU does this mean I might have a blockage of carbon /coal possibly a diamond (only joking :lol:) lurking in an orifice waiting to bite back

just that I see 1.4HDi doing mega mileages an mines just a pup

I just love solid flywheel (cheap) and cheap tax and insurance and nobody wants to steal it and I park it anywhere and not bothered about dents or scratches as its acquired a few even before I bought it

Excuse my spelling mistakes :nono: Lupmy

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rain stopped play today but still have EGR questions

Had great intensions today got my spanners out then the heavens opened
My turbo intake hose bodge is still a success but I wonder why the hose has enlarged and gone baggy ? reacting from the oil vapour Poor quality part from Poland last year ?
I put on a new air mass flow meter when I did the temporary repair and it made no difference so I put the original one back on today to see if the
"Air inlet circuit Air Flow higher than recommended " fault would still be on next time I scan it
Permanent ECU Fault Pre heating relay spark plugs permanently supplied always appear when I scan Global scan it but when I test it in PP I can hear it clicking fine

I checked the turbo today as its very clean no oil residue such like my wifes new C3 1.6HDi with half the miles of 307 and no lift or side play and checked the operation of the wastegate which tests fine
Decided to await the new hose before I rip it all apart again but looking at recently uploaded videos on EGR on YouTube people are still blanking off mechanical egr but from a warmer climate and not doing anything with ECU if anything can be done

It was warm today 10 degrees and no blue smoke and ran fine from start up and revved up fine with EGR blanked ? maybe I should have run the computer on it to compare
Is EGR blanking plates still the thing to do ?
My engine sounds harsh up to 3000 rpm if it gets there with my driving style
Does go okay no lights on dash or warning displays
runs terrible on supermarket fuel so I avoided for years and pay for Jet fuel locally as that's the only choice
Maybe I have duff injectors ? or at least one
I do see in PP that one has been changed as the number is different ? does this matter ?
But when discovering PP I found that my PUG was set up as an automatic gearbox and not manual so I changed it

the plot continues

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"Air inlet circuit Air Flow higher than recommended " fault is due to egr being blanked off. Ignore it. It is because all the air to the pistons is coming via the intake, not some via the egr bypass. In any case, the egr should not function at start/idle anyway.

Uneven idle, hard cold starting can be glow plugs. Given that you say in your last post that it ran fine at 10 degrees points towards an issue with glow plugs. One or more could be faulty. Unplug the relay and then test the resistance of each plug via the loom. Good ones should read around 1 ohm, bad ones open circuit or high resistance.

The other thing is your injector figures quoted show quite a difference. If the glow plugs check out as ok, I would get the injectors serviced.

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Trying to read some old posts on forum for info

Many thanks for your info

I took time today to browse the forums old posts and under search topics I learnt a bit more
Realised the air intake fault was related to EGR blank

price of new injectors / reconditioned is a shock for my bangernomics
loads of second hand "tested" on Fleabay but might be okay today then scrap tomorrow and they are not the easiest access to change unless you can run engine partial dismantled with the plastic intake off which I doubt and throw up a engine light ok when you have PP

Has anyone ran an engine an tested an donor injector in turn off a cylinder pipe to check them ? leaving all four in engine
Scrappy can sell me 4 for 30 quid no history
maybe get them checked and reconditioned ? so motor not off road and I can assemble it back up straight away

Engine starts straight away no excessive cranking even when it was really cold last year
so like you note its most likely to be duff injector

Wifes C3 got that cataclean treatment when we had a fault with the aircon and got them both done at a better rate
it lasted about a month till all the crap must have loosened and jammed the electronic EGR valve solid ... hence why I bought the PP / lexia
after seeing the fault and pricing up an EGR we tried the EGR cleaner in a tin and power was restored and never had a problem since

So if you have the EGR blanked would you benefit any by putting EGR cleaner in the intake of the turbo
I had my cat off last year when I replaced the oil leak on the turbo feed pipe
oh its been and on going restoration ... and washed it clean with water but it was really clean ... but that's rotton now and pin holes are appearing through it so that's another £100 quid for a new one
Never ends
but I would prefer to do it myself if I can
These forums are great for info and help

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Donor set of injectors from scrappy

If the part numbers match up like for like on my donor set and I get them tested or repaired reconditioned ?
Will the engine fire up ?
Do I need to take note of serial numbers and position 1234 and log them into PP first

If my injectors I remove don't match up with the serial numbers stored is that a problem ? how much of this coding is actually needed

Do mechanics start and run the engine with the rocker box off ? and how much mess does this cause ... oil from camshaft etc splash supress it with a rag ? or cardboard cover ?
or assemble without the o rings in for test start ? as I had a chew last time I assembled it back together

Was thinking about taking a cheap chance on the donor ones and banging them in to try and get the original set tested and checked

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Sorry, but I'm not reading all of that

I too have a 307 1.4hdi, it's now on 163000k miles I bought it 6 years ago with 98000 and the engine has always ticked when cold up to 3000rpm.

I've thought about looking in, but as it warms up, I get home and forget about it

Vibration is most likely your engine mounts.

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might just run it till its warmer days next year

Yes today it started up straight away at 1 degree no excessive cranking in a ploom of blue smoke and lumpy running and ticking away
When engine up to temperature ticking is better but engine sounds harsh
and behaves as it should no lumpy revs

Changed the main os engine mounts and gearbox mount and rear mount still to do but its still firm but on the to do list with a polybush for speed

I was hoping it would have gone bang by now but still keeps going 3 yrs on
Think it has to be injectors

Cheers for reply

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Freezing temperature all good ?

Pug baffles me sometimes ?
Running well ( egr still blanked)
But as the outside winter weather goes -2 no blue smoke ? on initial start up

Its very strange, like Sicskate as it warms up to temperature its fine
I try to forget, and know that I have my recovery truck card in my wallet

What does that ecoboost valve do... egr
(little black valve above alternator with two small pipes on ? )
I checked the operation of my wastegate and its fine with a compressor
EGR blanked off
I didn't know if failure of this valve creates the harsh rattle at 3000rpm

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Back box fell off today did a nose dive

Must have cursed it within my last post, I know it was raggy at the tailpipe but passed its MOT , well it did a nose dive today think the main clip failed and I dragged it a mile till I could stop on a dual carriage way lay by thankfully no snow on ground and just took it off its mounts and chucked in in the boot
So with the centre pipe slung over the rear axle with a work glove between and a tie wrap to stop the rattle, very surprised of the noise out of the back .... hardly any .... seems having such a big heavy silencer is overkill
Its been running fine recently and behaving well so going to run it till there is a problem again
New exhaust back box fitted tonight
If I hollowed out my cat would that help the flow of gas or is this monitored somehow within the ECU ? just that's starting to rot on the bend and has a few holes within but the price of a new one I might just weld a patch on it first

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Injector life ? mileage ? fix with snake oil ?

The other week when I started to have lumpy idle issues I bought STP fuel injector cleaner for £3 when in supermarket So I put in in the tank and hoped for some improvement, and nearly to the end of a full tank and I do think it has done something ... as it seems far smoother .. I am going to put the PP on it tomorrow to compare injector spill correction data I took at start of post
What life should you expect from an injector ? mileage ?
Is the bio / ethanol within diesel creating more faults within the guts
seems as if poor quality diesel fuel that we buy creates a lot of motoring grief
I have been reading some back posts and pre ignition fuel injection and ECU updates and the common noise on HDI rattling up to 3000rpm and beyond
as mine does
Going to test data as is / then take off EGR blank and compare data and running ... if the weather is kind tomorrow

So injector cleaner ? snake oil ? just that you see videos online that they bung they injectors in an ultrasonic cleaner and put them back on test rig without stripping them and they are back up to atomisation again ?
I understand that snake oil is not going to fix a worn injector nozzle by back burn of carbon etc
I have acquired a donor set of "plugs" that have done 60,000 and cost me £30 and the tips are clean but still unchecked by me yet but they look like new, sad when the fitting seal kit costs as much then the rocker gasket
Never a dull day with a 307 :lol:

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Weather is warmer and sun is shining and thinking of getting under the bonnet to take out the egr blank this afternoon
As yesterday the car sounded and rocked and vibrated shook when started
its been fine at zero temp but as it first start was 8 degrees

Is it just as easy to pull it out and bolt it back together ?
Would there be a build up of crud to check and clean ?
Air box ?
Don't want to pull it out and run the risk of a huge build up going somewhere it should be sucked into

I cleaned the crud out last time then I blanked it

Just seems so long ago I was under the bonnet

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EGR Blank removed

sounds a lot better on tickover lost its shake
Checked the original EGR mechanical valve operation before fitting OK
Checked the boost valve and pipe work and vacuum on both sides OK

Had a blast up the road ... seems fine turbo does kick in 2200
Going to put laptop on and recheck the injector data and compare

Still think injectors are knackered
New fuel filter fitted and turbo intake hose

Give it a try in the morning and see what if any difference

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First start this morning and it gave Shaking Stevens a run for his money

Tick over fine
increase the revs just up to 1000 and its really shaking to bits
Its not the mounts ... as when its warm it revs up fine ??
Its like a poorly balanced load of washing
This fault affects this engine , 206 , 307 , fiestas
Seen the cries for help but NO ONE ever comes back with a solution ?

Had the PP clone connected and the injector values are the same near enough from my original post
Most of the details it provides look okay
The only setting I need to confirm is engine speed when connected its so erratic
When its ticking over 750 RPM on the PP its up and down to 6799 never close to tick over speed ... is this the norm ?

Just when I took it up the road for a blast sometimes the turbo would kick in at different speeds ?

So I am wondering if the engine speed sensor ? crankshaft sensor is faulty ?
But then I thought that would throw up a fault code
PP says okay ?

Just read about another scenario when a similar vehicle had the same fault after a cam belt swap
Mine had its done 9000 miles before I bought it and done this ever since my ownership

Just clutching at straws to be honest
Hoping someone else would shed some positive light on this

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I am a bit confused with this thread. You first stated it was a 1.4HDi, which I have, and in a later post you mentioned eco boost and wastegate which Mine does not have so either you have a different model or the engine size is 1.6? Please advise.

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No its defiantly 1.4 HDI 8HZ 8 valve

EGR vacuum valve above the alternator ( think its referred as a boost valve )
Its powered from a t piece in the brake line vacuum

Mechanical EGR
Turbo charger actuator / wastegate powered from the turbo itself and not a valve ( just checked it wasn't seized while I was in there )

I can only assume you have a different spec

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The egr is vacuum operated and is controlled by the transducer/solenoid which I think you are describing. The turbo is just a turbo that runs continuously so rotates faster the engine runs. It has nothing fancy to it, just the shaft with its hardware. The air goes in and it spins the shaft which boosts the air which is redirected into the intake.

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Yep your right

Solenoid was described as a boost valve when I bought a replacement sorry I just thought it was the common term used .... my humble mistake
Still checked the pipework and negative pressure on each side

Yes that's the turbo thing no frills all contained
I checked the actuator operation just in case it was defective
whilst I was in there as I had the test gear out

Fuel was low today so just tipped a bottle of Cataclean in the tank and gave it a blast up the road for a few miles before getting fresh diesel

Just some of these injector repairers / testers don't strip them down
I just think they put a cleaning fluid through them and a ultrasonic vibration clean them and hope for a quick fix on a test rig
I have seen some do full inspections / dti tests adjustments

All diesels seem to suffer from poor failing injectors and the root cause must be the ECO element in the fuel
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