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Hi everyone, it's my first post so be nice please!!

So, my 2.0 HDI had a MAF fault when I bought it, so I replaced with a HAAS one from Eurocarparts which seemed to improve economy. I drove to Spain and was averaging 45mpg over 4 tanks.

On my way home a couple of weeks ago I started to see much lower mileage per tank from about 550 now down to 400. so now averaging 35mpg.

I really can't understand why the drop in MPG... I have purchased a scanner from Amazon to see if there's any codes but it won't arrive until Monday.

I had a mechanic check it over before I left and he loaded the fuel filter with injector cleaner and gave an Italian tune up, it drove much better after that.

I have also ordered a new air filter as mine is filthy.

Anything else I could check?

Thanks a million :)
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