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Greetings fellow Froggies ;o)

We have put up with a munted key fob for the last 12 months
and decided to do something about it ;o]
The fob buttons had disintegrated.

Basically you take it apart with removing one screw.
New fob cases can be ordered on Flea-Bay for very little money.
The kit comes with two halves of case, new screw and blank key
which you really don't need to use.

Basically, you take it apart and use the original base, key and transponder
and replace top half of case which has the new buttons moulded in.
I found I had to do some judicious filing and sanding to make the case halves fit
but that's no big deal.

Taking note that this is just repairing the munted buttons.
It's a different story if you have lost your key/keys entirely!
That will require the purchase of new cases, blank key....
have it re-cut and re-programming or replacing the little transponder that resides
in lower half of fob case.
In any case it was 30 minutes work and my wife is very happy ;o))

Check out the operation on my PowerBase web page:

Perhaps this could be made a sticky? ;o))
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