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Hi, looking for advice on a problem that has wrecked my 307 HDI engine.
It's a 2003 90hp model.

Oil started leaking from the block behind the alternator, and after taking alternator etc off I saw 2 cracks on the block. Something from inside had done this.

I removed the sump and found a small metal cylinder, what looks like the type you get in a roller bearing.
It's 16mm long by 7mm diameter.
Looks like it has came down against conrod which has then thumped it against casing.

The engine itself seems fine, no rattling etc, but the block is nackered.

I'll try and post a pic somewhere but wondering if anyone had amn idea of what it could be.

Car has recently been in garage (2-3weeks ago) but not for major engine work.
No major engine work has been done, other than timing belt, tensioner etc..
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