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Hi guys, first of all, I'm new here, so sorry for any mistakes I make, I've never dealt with a Peugeot before or many vans, I'm a bike guy (organ donor)

So my father has an 02 boxer 2.0 litre, I believe, TDI.

He asked me to get the heater matrix out... So I started undoing screws and before I knew it, it was 4pm and the whole dash was out and on the pavement, I realised I wouldn't have time to get the heater out so I started putting things back together, got the dash back on, plugged everything back in (I think, there were LOTS of block connectors not connected to anything to start with)

So I decided to test of it was all working, after trying everything I've found the hazards won't turn on, the indicators don't work and the lights don't turn on when I turn the switch on the stalk. The high beams work fine, though! The brake light works but the back lights won't come on.

I need to know what is meant to be plugged in and what isn't, or, what needs to be plugged in for the headlights to work. I need to try and get it working by the end of Monday, too.. He's going to Austria which is why he wanted the heater sorted, looks like he's just going to have to buy an electric heater!

Thanks in advance, guys!

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