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Hey all!!

I have a 2002 Peugeot 307 2.0L Auto, that has developed a few problems, but the one I am in urgent need of fixing is the engine mounts (the vibrations in the cabin are getting pretty crazy!)

I called the Peugeot official spare parts distributor in my area (Canberra, Australia) and gave them my VIN, they have given me the following part numbers for the mounts:

307 Left Hand Mount (with bush): 184468
307 Right Hand Mount (with bush): 1839H6
307 Rear Engine Mount (without bush): 180668
307 Rear Engine Mount Bush: 180933

My questions are as follows:

Firstly, Can I confirm there are 3 mounts on the Peugeot (LH, RH and a rear)?

Can I just replace the bush in both the LH and RH Engine Mount without replacing the whole mount?

(Im assuming that it is only the bush that has deteriorated)

...if so, how can I identify what bush would fit into these particular mounts?

I am confident in my abilities to do all the work myself (currently restoring a 78 Trans Am and a 76 FJ40 Land Cruiser) but I am finding it really difficult to source the right parts for this and the official Peugeot spare parts dealer's price for OEM prices seem pretty extreme

LH Mount - $117.80
RH Mount - $287.05
Rear Mount - $186.85

Total : $591.70 (Australian Dollar)

Any help would be great!!:nod:

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Right hand engine mount very rarely fails (and is the most expensive at around £5-60 in the UK)

The left (gearbox) mount and rear are the most common to wear/fail.

Febi where the OEM supplier of the mounts, the left mount can be obtained from motor factors in UK for between £10-£20.

The rear mount is a bush mounted in a large casting which also supports the drivers side drive shaft centre bearing the bush can be replaced but needs to be pressed, drifted out or removed/replaced with a bush tool (which is difficult to do in place) again these bushes can be obtained in UK for around £15

It may be worth looking at eurocarparts website if you cannot source for a good price as they do ship worldwide i believe
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