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I have a problem with my girlfriends peugeot 307 1.6 ltr . Im a mercedes benz mechanic and finding it real hard to pin point what the problem is. When putting the car in gear and slowly letting the clutch out and as it goes to.engage there is a loud grinding thumping.noise coming from the diff on the left hand side (passenger side) . I thought it might of been the front shaft but i removed the shaft on the passenger side to check the teeth and there fine. So it may be the diff which then im thinking it.might need a full re build of the transmission? Im not really up to date with any common problems with the 307's regarding transmission problems. So any information would be so greatfull. Any more info u need let me.know
Thankyou :)

Just removed whole passenger side shaft and noise went away .. put it and noise came back. Tjinking its the drive shaft splines. ?
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