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Hi, looking for fault finding help with my sons car - 51 plate Peugeot 206 1.4 LX
(non A/C model)
The car was fine, radiator cooling fan worked etc until my son ran into the back of another car on his 10th day of driving!!

The car was repaired using used (scrap) parts, the mechanic who repaired it replaced the fan with one from a A/C model and modified the loom wiring at the fan connection plug. Following repair the fan no longer operates when the car gets warm.
I have since sourced a cooling fan from a non A/C model but this doesn't work either (both fans work when connected directly to 12V dc).
The car loom has a red and yellow/green wire as feed wires to the fan (there are no relays or resisters so I anticipate that the car was originally a single speed fan).
I have attempted to source wiring / fuse location information via the owners handbook and Haynes manual but I cannot locate wiring diagrams specific to the car showing red / yellow-green wires to the fan. I'm also unsure if the ECU modulates the fan operation on this model.
Any specific help on location of temperature sender, potential fuse location or wiring diagram would be gratefully received.

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