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Hi all, I've just joined up hoping to cure this asap.

We've had the car ages ready for her taking her test. Typically the other week it starting playing up. It was misfiring slightly so I fitted new plugs, reset the fault code (P0200) and away we went.

It seemed ok, it's not in daily use. I take it for a spin now and then as like I say it's waiting for her taking her test. After using it again the other day it's creeping in again. Slight misfiring at low revs when accelerating.

So after a search on google, though not on here I'll admit. Undecided I decided to get a coil pack for it. I checked which it needed and ordered one off ebay.

I've just been out and fitted it and it's running rough. The management light is flashing and showing codes P0200/P0300.

I checked it 3 times for location and that I hadn't missed something.

I gave up and refitted the original and even after resetting the codes and having the battery off for a few mins it's still the same. Huh

Any ideas please folks? Is it ok to just swap coil packs? Do I need to get anything coded with ECU or anything like that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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